George Yiu

Welcome to my world!

About Me

I am a Master's student at UC Berkeley currently working on secure, automatic data-sharing between wearable devices under Prof. David Wagner. Born and raised in the Bay Area, I completed my B.S. at Berkeley as well. You might also know me as a TA for CS162!


Inkling Platform Intern

Spent the summer hacking on the Django backend of their digital publishing platform.

NetApp Software Engineering Intern

Built an OS-level data generation framework to create and transform datasets for verification of snapshot diff'ing algorithms.

UC Berkeley Operating Systems TA

Led discussion sections, held office hours, designed projects and exams.


bSchedule live enrollment stats

An exercise in Rails, HTML parsing, and multithreading HTTP requests. The goal was to simplify class-sniping by displaying live stats on a single page rather than on linked pages for each section as currently does. Check out the commandline version here.

OpenCount open-source election auditing

Research project under Prof. David Wagner. Added module to detect barcode images and convert them to bit strings.